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The way we live says a lot about who we are.


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Who we are

We set out to do solar differently

One of the hardest things for a customer transitioning to solar is the confusion. It’s all so new, and there are so many companies out there. After over a decade of experience we’ve learned there is one unique thing about solar – it’s complicated. Unlike most industries people don’t know what they even should be looking for

That’s why we started RSC – What’s a good deal? Who’s a reliable company? How do I know I can trust what I’m getting will work as promised? These are all frequent concerns people have, so we decided to solve that

In every region we operate in, we hand select each solar provider in each area. We don’t go with the installer who pays the most, or is the cheapest. We go for the best value. We use our industry experience to find out who’s reliable, who offers the best pricing for the product, and who’s actually going to be around long term. 

Sure, we could make more money doing it another way, but we rather just offer the best possible solar solution for each customer so they don’t have to worry about it and we can rest easy knowing we got you the best 

Clean Energy

Renewable Energy

Industry Disruption

Battery Backups

100 +
100 +
Solar Panels
90 %
Energy Offset
100 +

Our Services

We are the best digital solar provider

Residential Solar

Renewables are the future, and people are finally coming around. But we also believe independent ownership of power generation, because that is the only way you can be certain you're secure

Tech Driven

We are able to get the best of the best, while remaining unquestionably competitive by having an extremely low overhead thanks to cutting edge technology innovations

Tier One Equipment

We don't cut corners. We make sure our customers are equipped with the best equipment on the market, so they know their solar investment lasts a lifetime


What customers are saying

Would totally recommend. I had solar installed on my house in December 2020 and never looked back. Whole process was completely seamless. I have never had an issue with this company and anytime I had a question someone was right there to answer it. The app is cool too to be able to monitor the production daily.
Brian W
A comprehensive thorough job from start to finish. Our salesperson, Mark, explained the advantages for us and promptly responded to our continued questions either in person or text throughout the process, guiding us along the approvals with the loan, city and power company. The installers did an excellent job as well. My concerns regarding aesthetics were quickly allayed. They were polite, friendly and kept a tidy worksite during and after completion of the project. I’ve contacted Palmetto by phone a few times with questions which were promptly answered. Thus far, I have no criticism of the company and hope to do additional work ( Solar EdgeTesla Inverter) them in the future.
Gregory Z
The installers were very friendly and knowledgeable. They installed the panels in a timely manner and they went over everything with me including the next step in getting the old electric meter replaced. I would recommend this company to anyone.
Charlene B
Quick and Efficient The install team was quick and efficient in the work they did. They cleaned up inside and out after it was done and it looked good. Amazing work as the temperature was easily close to 100 degrees on the roof that day. They all had smiles on their faces and seemed to be pleased to do the install.
Mark P
I will definitely be recommending these guys to my colleagues who are considering switching to solar energy... The team was, always available to answer any questions and work to keep you informed on the project. Our solar has only been on for 3 days as of this review but the app clearly shows the system producing the expected power and as of this review I am completely happy with Palmetto and going solar.
Pichardo F
Service Guarantee
20 Years Experience